November 13, 2015 Keneiloe Nasilele

Fortune features hip-hop royalty on his latest hit album, Abomrapper 2

Hip-hop guru Fortune has released his second album following a 10 year hiatus, the album is titled ‘Abomrapper 2’ and it is the much anticipated sequel to his debut album Abomrapper. Abomrapper 2 is a 17 track album that features over 50 artists, including some of South Africa’s heavyweight hip-hop emcees, lyricists, producers, composers and singers such as Zubz, HHPProVerb, Mr Selwyn, Amu, Slikour and the late Flabba and Mizchif.

Abomrapper 2 epitomises the sound of a hip-hop artist who is true to himself and is now allowing his fans to be inspired by his life journey. All 17 tracks reveal breath-taking lyrical delivery and heavy bars dropped by hip-hop royalty, the first single ‘Gonna Be Alright’ features Kabomo showcasing his impressive rap skills, accompanied by legendary artists Stoan and RJ Benjamin. Fortune has also released the visuals for  ‘How It’s Done’, which is the last music video that Flabba shot before his untimely passing.

Fortune is currently working on the live translation of the album. If the studio version is anything to go by, then we can assume that the live version is going to be pretty dope!

Listen on: iTunes // Simfy // Spinlet

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