July 22, 2016 Josh Pontin

New Releases: Jux, L-Tido, DJ Switch

L-Tido – Bana Ba Kae

South Africa’s Hip Hop connoisseur drops his latest joint, “Bana Ba Kae“. The track may be perceived as just another rap track about girls, however L-Tido explains that the true meaning behind the song is about the struggles that he finds in his life. Verse one is dedicated to his son who he has not seen in a few months due to him being located in Cape Town. You can watch the full interview here by Slikour.


Li-Tido BBK


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Jux – Wivu

The smooth operator Jux releases his new RnB love song “Wivu“. The Tanzanian wins over our hearts with his soft playful vocals, plus its great to see Juma back in action and what a lovely way to follow up from last years “One More Night”.



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DJ Switch – Now Or Never Remix

DJ Switch is back with a boom! Now or Never remix see’s an extension to the current posse to create eight minute master piece. Verse’s shared between; Reason, Priddy Ugly, Ginger Trill, Proverb, Pro, Shane Eagle, Zakwe, Blacklez, Youngsta CPT, Kid Tini, Siya Shezi and Big Star.


DJ Switch NN remix


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