June 10, 2016 Josh Pontin

New Releases: Lamorin, Mike Abdul, Sat-B, Yvan Buravan

Lamorin – Oluwatise

Well if  ‘Oluwatise‘ won’t put you into good spirits I’m not sure what will. This fruitful track has all the right ingredients to make you smile and transform you into a positive mood. The Nigerian singer songwriter officially releases ‘Oluwatise’ since the release of the official music video which dropped earlier on in the year, through LLI Records.



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Mike Abdul – Kneel Down

Spaghetti Records all star, Mike Abdul shares his latest single ‘Kneel Down‘. The Nigerian has a big year ahead of him with his forthcoming album Korede coming out later this month. ‘Kneel Down features guest vocalists David Karnji and A’dam and was released on the 10th of June.

Mike Abdul


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Sat-B – African Gal

Sat-B  drops ‘African Gal‘, the bouncy new number from the Kora Entertainment Crew. ‘African Gal’ is the follow up single from the Burundian artists debut album Satura, which was released back in April. Keep an eye on this young talent, as big waves are on the horizon.



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Yvan Buravan – Injyana

Rwanda’s finest Yvan Buravan shares his latest track ‘Injyana‘ which also features Umutare Gaby on the vocals. The song itself is made up of bright guitar chords which are on lock with a slow downed dancehall inspired beat, accompanied by harmonic layers and a strong vocal. The heartfelt ‘Injyana’ was released through Rwandan based label, New Level.

Yvan Buravan



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