August 19, 2016 Josh Pontin

New Releases: Lamourin, Psalm Ebube, Best Life Music

Lamourin – Follow Me

Follow me‘, a song about a love struck gentlemen who seeks the attention of his new found love. This a feeling which a lot of everyday men like me and you can relate too. Lamorin comes back strong since the release feel good celebration tune, ‘Oluwatise‘ which also performed really well with masses. We are excited to see whats next in store for this rising star but for now, enjoy ‘Follow Me’.

Lamorin - follow me


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Psalm Ebube – Overload

Psalm Ebube drops his brand new praise song ‘Overload‘ to follow up from his first single  ‘Thankful (Imore)‘ both taken from the highly anticipated third studio album, Blessings Overload.  When asked about the album Psalm responds: “The past weeks I have been struck by a condition I like to call Blessings Overload. I had so many wonderful things happening in my life that I could hardly keep up with them all. Overload is a song of prophecy, for sometimes life has been so unfair or better still our great nation has been facing economic research everyone has been praying for a new position, a change,to some babies and to others a car,a new house,a new job,a new everything!”

Psalm Ebube - Overload


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Best Life Music – Nana

Nana‘ is the freshly lit single from Burundi’s finest Hip Hop Collective, Best Life Music. The clan is made up of four friends Young Dany, IG Kiboko, Young Jpy and Mc Vitaa. The single dropped on 19th of August via Kora Entertainment.


BestLife Music - Nana


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