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New Releases: Luc Buntu, AmaPiano, The Black Ties, Anto Neosoul




Gospel music singer Luc Buntu came to the limelight after the release of his 2013 single, Ntutinye. He uses talent as a singer and composer to influence others to give their lives to God. 

The 32-year-old musician is well known for the following hits; Tukumenye, Uniongoze, Iyo ataba Uwiteka, Humura mutima, Duhimbaze, and Shimwa Mana, among others. He is a member of Africa New Life Ministries, (ANLM).

Luc Buntu releases his latest 15-track album Mfite Ubuhamya


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AmaPiano Volume 1 is the latest release from the legendary House Afrika Records.

It’s not often we get to celebrate the birth of a new form of Mzansi dance music – a Kwaito, or a Gqom – but in 2016 we’re welcoming the phrase ‘AmaPiano’ to the wikis and online dictionaries. That’s because House Afrika – always at the forefront of new sounds – has teamed up with Born In Soweto to unleash the debut AmaPiano compilation, comprised of the biggest hits that have set the dance scene alight in recent times as well bringing to the fore the newer, progressive songs that are tracking the evolution of the sub-genre.

AmaPiano is a fresh sound out of South Africa developed by young and emerging producers who have dialed down the tempo and use minimal vocals, but rather rhythmically rich woodlock percussion, organ jazz vibes a la Eric Kupper, and atmospheres that simmer in groove-tastic positivity.

The AmaPiano sound is ubiquitous in ekasi right now – with its unique array of keyboards, xylophones, and steelpans, it slinks out of a variety of cars and is the staple at popular hangout spots. While it nods to dons like the previously mentioned Kupper, Franck Roger and SJU – not to mention a bunch of forward-thinking local house cats (think “Joy” by Nastee Nev, “Sunday Showers” by Sai & Ribatone, “Latin Soul” by Dr Duda and Dr M-bee) – it really sounds like nothing on the planet right now.

Producers like MFR Souls, Kabza De Small, Luu Nineleven, Gaba Cannal, Bantu Elements and more don’t nail a particular way of composing AmaPiano here – the sonic elements listed so far are really just the start (there are also multiple menacingly insistent basslines to savour too). What they do nail is a vibe.

You could sum up the vibe as being: “Summer. Sexy. Head-bopping. Foot-tapping. A kinetic aural experience.”

One thing is for sure: AmaPiano is about to enjoy its festive season in the sun.



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The Black Ties – Champagne & Kisses

“The Black Ties” just dropped a hot new “Single” called “Champagne and Kisses”. Being men of style and class, the 3 gentlemen namely “Chad Saaiman”, “Lloyd Jansen” & “Keeno Lee” got together with “Mr Mallum” to create this throwback funk-inspired jam about showing their ladies their romantic side and being ready to head out on the perfect date night.



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Anto Neosoul – Paragash

Singer “Anto Neosoul” has finally released the highly anticipated video to his hit track “Paragasha

Following the release of his album last year, the soul singer has been rather quiet on the music front. He has changed that by dropping the catchy and upbeat Paragasha” and complemented it with a stunning video.




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