April 1, 2016 Josh Pontin

New Releases: Shadow, Eddie Black, Oba, DJ 1st Choice.

Shadow – Killing Me

Liberian based label INTL BLK release Shadows “Killing Me“, a fast tempo carnival infused beat with plenty of percussion accompanied by vocals. The single also features strong remixes from Subculture Sounds and Brazil based producer Chief Bioma.


Listen: iTunes // Deezer // Apple Music

Eddie Black – Soundtrack

The latest instalment from Eddie Black see’s a tight collaboration with Badman Shapi, with a song titled “Soundtrack“. Peezey Cables production is on point with this one,  dancehall rhythms create the perfect bedding for Black and Shapi to lay down their bars.

Eddie Black

Listen: iTunes // Deezer // Apple Music

Oba – Lead Me

Oba releases her latest single “Lead Me”, via Kings International Music. This soulful gospel track tells an emotional story about not wanting to be distant from God, as well as the importance of not straying away. Soft piano chords and a lightly picked guitar accompanied by a powerful choir set the tone and ambience for “Lead Me“.


Listen: iTunes // Deezer // Apple Music

DJ 1st Choice – Gave You All

South African producer DJ 1st Choice drops his latest House beat, “Gave You All”.  A classic deep house kick cuts through the soft atmospheric pads which are layered with lots of traditional percussion, claves and congas.


Listen: iTunes // Deezer // Apple Music

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