May 6, 2016 Josh Pontin

New Releases: Tasi’u Unguwa Uku, Musa Garba Gashuwa, Adamu Nagudu & Tijjani Gandu

Tasi’u Unguwa Uku – Garin Jos

Tasi’u Uku just one of the many talented artists from the highly respected Nigerian based label, Apple Media Global 99. The latest album Garin Jos is made up of thirteen contemporary Hausa tracks, which have such a pleasant but diverse range in styles, moods and instrumentation.


Listen: iTunes // Spinlet // Deezer

Musa Garba Gashuwa – Isra’ Isahwa

Musa Garb Gashuwa drops his latest album, Isra’ Isahwa an eight track album made up of traditional Hausa music which include strong religious messages. “Ceto” means ‘saved’ in Hausa and its a personal fave, due to its catchy rhythmic characteristics which can be frequently heard across other genres such as Moombahton.


Listen: iTunes // Spinlet // Deezer

Adamu Nagudu & Tijjani Gandu – Inda Rai Da Rabo

Adamu Nagudu teams up with co label artist Tijjani Gandu for the releases of the Inda Rai Da Rabo. Both artists on the prestigious Nigerian Hausa label, Apple Media Global 99. Eleven original but contrasting tracks make up Inda rai Da Rabo, all taking influence from other genres such as Reggaeton, Dancehall, Afrobeat and Gospel.


Listen: Spinlet // Deezer

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