August 4, 2015 Keneiloe Nasilele

The Lucky Dube band celebrates the life of an icon

August 3rd 2015 would have marked the 51st birthday of legendary reggae singer Lucky Dube, who tragically passed away in 2007. In his 25 year long career, Lucky Dube released 22 albums and was South Africa’s highest selling reggae artist. The impact that he made on the music industry is immeasurable and there is no better way to celebrate this than through music.

Lucky’s son, Thokozani Dube is pulling out all the stops to ensure that his father’s legacy stays alive, so he has joined forces with the Lucky Dube Band to create a 10 track album titled Celebrate His Life. The band consists of members who played with Lucky Dube until his untimely passing and they have definitely captured the spirit of Lucky Dube throughout the whole album.

Be sure to get this commemorative masterpiece!

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