April 8, 2016 Josh Pontin

New Releases: Navio, Stephanie Benson, Tessy Aniesi, Hassaini Danko & Adamu Hasan Nagudu

Navio – The Chosen

The Ugandan Hip Hop master Navio releases his 16 track album, “The Chosen”. “Throne”, “To The Top” and “Crazy” are the tracks that stand out, although the album has so much to offer as a collection of songs that have been carefully thought out and crafted. ‘The Chosen’ was released through NavCorp Ltd on the 8th April.


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Stephanie Benson – I Am Worth It

The Ghanaian songstress breaks back into 2016 with a new single, titled “I Am Worth It”. The slow emotional ballad includes some playful call & response phrases on the piano, arpeggiated fingerpicked guitar chords that are broken by tender licks that coincide with the piano in a spectacular harmony. “I Am Worth It” was released by Benson Music on the 8th April.


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Tessy Aniesi – Amara (Grace)

Amara is the lasted product from Nigeria‘s Tessy Aniesi. The heartfelt reggae number bounces across a four four beat with syncopated chords creating the reggae swing. You can’t help but bop along to this one, the bass line will have you moving no doubt. Amara was mixed and mastered by UltraSound and released by TessyTop productions.

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Hassaini Danko & Adamu Hasan Nagudu – Garin Masoyi

Apple Media 99 Ltd release “Garin Masoyi“, a thirteen-track album from Hassaini Danko & Adamu Hasan Nagudu. Both artists and the label are based in Nigeria, “Garin Masoyi” was released on the 8th of April.

Hassaini Danko

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