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NewMusicAfrica – Dice Ailes, Apple Gule, Big Star and Chess Nthusi

Dice Ailes – “Ella”
Chocolate City’s Dice Ailes releases his latest single; ‘Ella’. After the success of ‘Miracle‘, hot shot and super skilled producer; CKay worked with Dice to create what has very quickly become a new fan favorite.  Sitting at over 600k views on YouTube since it’s release last week, the visuals to Ella is testament to the creativity of the entire team behind this cross border hit! Featured on iTunes’ African Hot Tracks playlist, Ella is a must listen!

Big Star- “TellaScope”
Featured on iTunes home page and the much sort after Mzanzi Hits playlist, Big Star releases his new EP world wide. Fans have waited weeks to get their hands on it, having enjoyed ‘Flavours’ in which Big Star features Reason and loved ‘Pablo’.  TellaScope also features Frank Casino and Priddy Ugly.


Apple Gule- “SWAZiKiD”
Under Sheer Sound, musical gem; Apple Gule releases his very first album and he calls this ‘SWAZiKiD’. The 10 tracked body of work already has fans of the R&B singer talking. Featured on iTunes home page and the Mzanzi Hits, Apple Gule is ushering in a new era, an era where his music is front and center.

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