New Releases: Vanessa Mdee, Eegun, Neleh, Kwesi Jiggs

New Releases: Vanessa Mdee, Eegun, Neleh, Kwesi Jiggs

Eegun –  Police

Eegun presents his latest masterpiece, titled “Police“. The track provides a classic afro-beat rhythm and feel, however the silky plucky guitar tones keep this funky number rolling. Layered with saw-end synthesizer and pads to create a pleasant mood and a calm space for the vocals to lay on top of. “Police” was released through Karimi Records.


Listin On: iTunes // Deezer

Vanessa Mdee – Niroge

V Money returns to the lime light, with more energy and vibrant colours than ever before. “Niroge” is Vanessa’s first release of 2016, produced by the Tanzanian Maestro, Nahreel. The video is directed by Justin Campos, it showcases many colourful and playful scenes which coincides with the music adaptly.


Listen On: iTunes // Mkito // Deezer

Neleh – Fantasy

Neleh joins forces with DJ Cassano,  the deep house producer for the latest product, Fantasy. The spacey percussive intro sets the mood from the start. Smooth electronic keys (almost Rhode-esq) supply the mid tones alongside a well crafted chord progression. Neleh has a soft and subtle Neo-Soul tone adding the right amount of spice to the mix.


Listen On: iTunes // Deezer

Ujean AllDay – Gbelemo

Ujean AllDay‘s latest track Gbelemo is heavily made up from arpeggiated synths, producing pulsating rhythms which carry the song through. It’s combined with the classic roland TR808 and processed vocal layers. Gbelemo is released through the Ghanaian label, Bankshield Unit Inc.


Listen on: iTunes // Deezer

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