⚡ 22nd March: Tendaness, Stanley Enow, Makwa ft. Maraza, The Big Hash, Eazzy & more

⚡ 22nd March: Tendaness, Stanley Enow, Makwa ft. Maraza, The Big Hash, Eazzy & more


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Featuring; Tendaness, Stanley Enow, Eazzy, J Molley & more.

The stuff that throwbacks are made of.Makwa hits a sweet spot on the earworm-worthy, ‘All Go’, featuring Maraza. ‘All Go’ sees Makwa experiment even further with his now signature retro mbaqanga meets contemporary hip-hop fusion.

If the hook sounds familiar to some, that’s because it is taken from a traditional nursery rhyme. This is ultra nostalgia at its best.

An electric feel.

J Molley is quite possibly known for his captivating visual aesthetic as much as he is known for his melodic flow. With his latest video, ‘Lightning’, the young rapper teams up with director – Jasyn Howes for a kaleidoscopic and subtle lo-fi VFX charged treat for the eye.

The song is taken from his 2018 EP, ‘Leader of the Wave’.

Cutting the noose.Kale Dinero makes a lasting impression with his debut EP, ‘Soul Ties‘. Through this project, Dinero explores the outright toxicity of a relationship and the succeeding downfall of it.

The burning desire for love.On what is supposed to be a joyous day things take a turn for the worst in Stanley Enow’s brand new video for ‘Good Day (Fire)’. The song is about the hardships and rewards thereafter of unconditional love and sees Stanley getting ready for his big day. He is then kidnapped on his way to the ceremony and the subsequent events will have you biting at your nails.

Tendaness – “Tendaness”

Following the success of ‘Jika’ and ‘Love Me’, Tendaness finally delivers his labour of love in the form of his debut self-titled album.

The album is a collection dance songs that touch of the joys and mishaps of relationships as well as being young and living life to the fullest.

The album features an array of talented musicians from the legendary Bholoja to ascending hitmaker Zanda Zakuza among the many artists who are in the mix.

Just off her incredible win at the 14th season of Idols South Africa, Yanga sits with us for a few minutes, during which we learn that she is an independent thinker, holds her family and friends with the highest utmost regard,

has a relatively clear plan for her prize money and is infectiously charming.

Yanga also sets the record straight regarding the thought process behind the video to her debut single,  Scars.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

DaRe & Tim Lyre‘s musical minds meet in a collision bursting with creativity in their collaborative EP, ‘inDigo‘ – available for pre-order and pre-save.

Eazzy dazzles on her latest outing and will truly be worth the wait when she delivers her EP ‘SOLO‘.

For now, you’ll just have to groove to lead single, ‘ODO‘ and make sure you get it on pre-order or pre-save as a reminder.

All the foundations that The Big Hash has laid are ready for him to build ‘The Young LP’ on.

This is the young rapper’s debut full-length project (pun by all means fully intended) and is available for pre-order and pre-save with an exclusive Apple release on 29 March 2019.


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