Africori partners with digital reporting platform Revelator

Africori partners with digital reporting platform Revelator

We are proud to announce that we have officially partnered with Revelator, to use their reporting system. Revelator is a reporting platform that will allow for more detailed, automated royalty reports and will provide a sales and analytics dashboard for all our artists/labels. The new partnership that has been formed between Africori and Revelator is one that will far reaching benefits for all artists and labels that are signed to Africori.

The creation of the dashboard allows for greater transparency as artists and record labels will be able to monitor their sales across all the digital stores that we deliver to. Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out access to the platform to all of our artists and labels. Through this partnership, artists/labels will be able to track both where and when they are making money while gaining instant access to sales and streaming performance. Revelator also indicates which parties have been involved in the music making process and how much they should be compensated for their contribution.

Essentially, Revelator aims to build better relationships between artists and labels by ensuring that transparency is guaranteed at all times. To find out more about Revelator, check out their website.

Here are a few snapshots that explain how the system works:


rev 2

rev 3

rev 4





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