✨Afro Fresh: Dj InviZAble, SiphoTheGift, Yung L, SILVASTONE, Tweezy, MFR Souls and more

✨Afro Fresh: Dj InviZAble, SiphoTheGift, Yung L, SILVASTONE, Tweezy, MFR Souls and more

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A gift that never stops giving…South African hip-hop gem Sipho The Gift shares an all new groovy single. The Gift uses Hold Up not just to show off his lover boy sides but also that his very groovy melodious self sits comfortably with his bars.


Let’s tell you something…Sexy, smart and talented African boy from Tanzania Jux, features Joh Makini in his latest single; ‘Tell Me’ which he accompanies with a video showcasing not just the beauty of his betrothed but also the luscious landscape of his country.



For the weekend!Ready for summer? MFR Souls and Tallarsetee have been ready and are inviting you to join the party with their new jive joint ‘Bamb’ikhanda‘.

What say you?

Off the Affirmation EP, SILVASTONE shares the video for ‘Form Pan Me‘.With Eric Meyers on direction, the visuals take us through what might be a familiar story line for some… one of perseverance, love, faith and fate.

A worthy mention is the inclusion of seemingly small but important props that help represent SILVASTONE‘s rich African heritage.

This is Afrofuturism.Expand your imagination. This is one of DJ inviZAble‘s messages in the 12 tracked album seeking to reposition African dance music. Mixing various elements from electronic, reggae, rock and tecno amongst others in the most unusually pleasing ways. XiFi features BCUC, Yolanda Fryus and Dubmasta China.

The other message would be to let go and let the music lead you.

Ready the crying facial tissues…Sharing the title track from their debut album ‘Wen Ungowam‘, 047 will pull at every emotional string that exists in you as you watch and listen to a prophecy of love!

Consider this a double dose of love in song.In his two tracked EP, Ghanaian musician Appyah very clearly has a serious case of the ‘Lovely Love‘ and he’s done well putting it into words and rhythm.

Do the Bam Bam!Don’t worry, we didn’t know how to either until we watched this. So do yourself a solid and click play. Yung L brought the party!!

As a birthday gift to himself, South African hit producer & hip-hop act Tweezy shares the visuals for ‘Legend‘.
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