? Afro Fresh: Dj Switch, Nyashinski, J Molley, Rosa Ree, Ganja Beatz, Khuli Chana, 3Two1, Deep$ & More

? Afro Fresh: Dj Switch, Nyashinski, J Molley, Rosa Ree, Ganja Beatz, Khuli Chana, 3Two1, Deep$ & More

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Featuring Dj Switch, Nyashinski, J Molley, Rosa Ree, Ganja Beatz, Khulichana,  & More


Follow the waves.J Molley doesn’t mince his words in the lead & title single off his mixtape ‘Leader Of the Wave‘. He has a go at the oh so infamous fake love in the industry and his determination to stay as real as real gets to himself and his team.

Directed by the South African hip-hop act himself, J Molley like a few in the industry is multiskilled and with each project, shaperns them all in preparation to dominate.

Don’t forget the name J Molley!


Currently unattached?Zimbabwean recording act & producer Mr Kamera is looking for bae in dimly lit clubs in his latest release ‘Single’.  A blend of Afrobeats & melodic island sounds, this one makes for an easy groove.

Gather your squad, everyone is single each time this song comes on.

Professing his uncanny and endless capabilities, Kaysnap works with Timix in a brand new one called ‘Ísí Ewù

So let him make the promises while you turn up the volume on this.

Here’s the thing with this video, just DANCE! be FREE! and let Nyashinski take you to his musical paradise.Anything less is highly unadvisable.

Ready? In three, two, one!

One of S.A’s hip-hop acts slowly making his way into the limelight, 3Two1 is not leaving 2018 without gifting us his musical struggle statement aptly named ‘Ris3‘.

The #HYPEFreshman2018 candidate features TKay and B3nchmarq in the last of the 7 tracks, Fireworks.

Catch a vibe.

Whatever the plans are for the festive season, take a ride in between.  Dj Switch, Khulichana and Mpj are on a cruise in their new collabo ‘Ride’.

There’s a new groove in town!Rap goddess from Tanzania, Rosa Ree adds the swaggy move ‘Banjuka‘ to the incredible list of fire dance moves and hits in 2018.

Only very seldom can you go wrong if you take the party to the street. This wasn’t one of such times.

The first of many.

It’s been in the works for a minute, now they fully share a 10 tracked project, carefully constructed to satisfy the ever-growing fan base of both legendary producers Ganja Beatz and new kid on the block Deep$.

Showing up for duty on NightShift is YoungstaCPT, Gator, J Dubz, & Ason

Is this one for keeps? You decide.

South African hip-hop singer & songswriter, BABYFACEDEAN teams up with leader of the wave J Molley and incredible lyricist Ricco for his official debut single ‘For Keeps’.

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