Afrovibes Festival 2015

Afrovibes Festival 2015

The 12th annual Afrovibes festival will be taking place from the 7-17th of October 2015 in Amsterdam. The festival showcases some of the greatest talents in the various arts forms from South Africa all the way to the Netherlands and everywhere in between. Every year, the festival highlights a selection of young, urban talented individual’s work in the fields of fashion, music, dance, theatre and design. This year’s theme is Moving in time, emphasising on connecting the past, presence and the future. Festival Artistic director, Sibongeleni James Ngcobo has stated that he “created a programme of works that reflect this contemporary urban Africa that is moving in time”.

Representing Africa, rapper Zuluboy will be collaborating with Black Moses Ngwenya and Joep Pelt, showcasing a preview of their collaborative album which is an interesting and unique fusion of traditional Mbaqanga music, Hip-hop, Kwaito and Afrosoul.

There will also be a showcase of the film, Finding Fela. Directed by Alex Gibney, the film takes an in depth look into the life of the Afrobeats inventor, Fela Kuti who died 17 years ago. The film travels through the journey of his life as one of Africa’s greatest musicians and political activists. After the viewing of this masterpiece, there will be an exclusive performance by Ongerept with Kern Kappen and Zuluboy.

Check out the trailer for Finding Fela below!

Another proudly African artist who will performing at the festival, is the talented Afrikaans rapper, Hemelbesen, who is known for merging Hip-hop, poetry and skillful rhyming.

To find out more about the Afrovibes Festival, head over to the website and check out the trailer below!

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