❄Astryd Brown ft Nadia Nakai, Afro B ft Wizkid, The Parlotones, Mr Kamera, Clique Viral, Sola Allyson & more

❄Astryd Brown ft Nadia Nakai, Afro B ft Wizkid, The Parlotones, Mr Kamera, Clique Viral, Sola Allyson & more

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What do you do when you already got a global hit?You add Wizkid on a remake, but you don’t call it a remix because in truth, it’s an entirely new song in it’s own right!

Ivorian star Afro B has gone viral with this track so many times we’ve lost count but it seems the hit single ‘Drogba (Joanna)’ still has at least 9 other lives, so turn up the volume, clear out the space infront of your mirror, mentally remind yourself of your best moves then press PLAY!


20 rocking years!South African pop music has never had an export band like these fellas and we can all see that! Far from done 20 years on, The Parlotones are set for a whole new album ‘China that will have you; fist up, jumping and signing along.

While the project is on pre-order, you’ve got instant satisfaction in the new single ‘Can You Feel It‘.

Get on board, feel it, play it and SHARE IT!

Blessed are those amongst Rap Queens!So here’s what went down; Zambian award winning group Clique Viral released Makanja in March, the reception was all love it gave rise to a remake with an all female line up; Bombshell, Cleo Ice Queen, Ludi Freshe, Natasha Chansa and of course Theresa Ng’ambi.

This time, Era-Black brought some more sauce to the production joinging Shinko-beats on throriginal beats.

Zambia is playing hard in the scene and we love it!


He is sleek with the beats.Zimbabwean-born producer Mr Kamera teams up with Gupsy Warrior for a mellow blend of Afro beats and Dancehall in ‘Dhora‘.

Lately? we’ve just been teased…A few weeks ago while in Dubai working on the visuals for this single, Astryd Brown and Nadia Nakai dropped hints and peeps of their collaboration and since then until now, we’ve been holding out our aux cables just so we could press play!

Today is that day!

Two queens, one beat, one HIT!

Culture never goes out of style.Nigerian musician Sola Allyson brings to life the classic yoruba musical treasures in her latest album ‘Imuse‘.

The 11 tracked album featuring Adekunle Gold is filled with musical stories told in her local dialect but one you wouldn’t need a translation to enjoy deeply.


This is what you do when you have a vault of hits.Release them back to back like Afro B.

He follows the Drogba (Joanna) ft. Wizkid with an 8 tracked EP ‘Afro Wave‘ featuring Team Salut, Veeiye, Swift and Tion Wayne.

The ones that got away…

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