Dinky Kunene, Mawhoo, Wanitwa Mos

Dinky Kunene, Mawhoo, Wanitwa Mos

Featuring; Platform TZWizzy Kana and more.

Mawhoo – “10k Ye McDonald’s”
Mawhoo looks to re-introduce herself by showing more of her facets via this 2-track EP titled 10k Ye McDonald’s. The EP displays the two seemingly incompatible aspects of Mawhoo’s personality—the party girl and devout churchgoer she has always been. 
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Wizzy Kana – “On My Way” (ft. Oothentik Zeus)

Wizzy Kana lays out the foundations for his upcoming project with a brand new single titled On My Way alongside Oothentik Zeus. The cut speaks about the artists’ journeys as well as their tenacity which is embodied in the song’s essence.

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Wanitwa Mos, Master KG and Lowsheen – “Sofa Silahlane” (ft. Nkosazana Daughter)

Wanitwa Mos does it again. Mzansi’s latest hit-making factory reunites Master KG and Nkosazana Daughter following the success of the sleeper hit – Dali NguweSofa Silahlane continues on the theme of love. The track is co-led by the stable’s protégé Lowsheen.

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Dinky Kunene and Mellow & Sleazy – “Areyeng”

Dinky Kunene uses the opportunity to highlight the spirit of Ubuntu via her latest offering Areyeng. The fundamental message behind the Mellow and Sleazy-produced banger is “teamwork makes the dream work”. 

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Platform TZ – “Baby”

Tanzania’s newest rising talent, Platform TZ unveils his single Baby. The joint was produced by legendary producer, Abbah Process. Platform TZ released his debut EP at the end of last year which caught Abbah’s attention and subsequently earned him a deal under Abbah Music.

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Yamke – “Awndicingeli”

Yamke wrote the song Awndicingeli because her ex-boyfriend failed to call to wish her a happy birthday. The song focuses on the general truth that when we’re in a relationship, we frequently overlook the little things that are important to our partners.
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Mphow69 – “Nothing But Good Music”

Sukendleni hit maker, Mphow69 presents his 23-piece body of work Nothing But Good Music. The project stems from the overwhelming pressure of replicating the success of his first hit. Nothing But Good Music epitomises the state of purely being and authenticity despite the crushing weight of the world.

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China Charmeleon & AndileAndy – “Brothers”

China Charmeleon and AndileAndy get ready to launch their forthcoming collaborative album titled Brothers. The 15-track body of work is a salute to the pair’s near decade-and-half friendship. China and Andile have contrasting and distinctive sounds; with China being mostly soul and jazz-influenced while Andile leans towards tech and electronic music. They have masterfully merged their creative minds for a cohesive project.

Brothers is due out on 22 July 2022.

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