Future Music Forum 2015

Future Music Forum 2015

The 6th annual Future Music Forum (FMF) will be taking place from the 16th- 18th September 2015 in Barcelona. The international conference is held with the aim of bringing together everyone who is involved in the digital music industry. During the three day conference, digital music executives, entrepreneurs, digital music marketers and investors come together to engage in the full programme that has been put together by FMF.

Keynote speakers will include the CEO and founder of 8 Tracks, David Porter, Record Producer and member of Public Enemy, Brian Hardgroove as well as the founder of DBTH, Virginie Berger.

Africori CEO and Founder, Yoel Kenan and our Content and Operations Manager, Adam Tiran will be attending the conference and we have compiled a short list of the reasons why you should attend the conference.

1. Networking opportunity

The great thing about this international conference is that it brings together different kinds of people from various parts of the world together. All the attendees have a major passion for digital music in common and this makes for an amazing atmosphere in which networking is inevitable.

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2.  The opportunity to engage in debates

This year, the conference will be covering a broad spectrum of issues that exist in the digital music industry and there will be various open debates on multiple topics such as the growth of women in the music industry and other healthy discussions about general issues facing the music industry.

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3. Increased knowledge of the music business

It’s a pretty effective formula, three days of engaging in workshops, debates and networking sessions with industry executives, investors and label managers is guaranteed to increase your overall knowledge about the music industry.

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To find out more about this year’s FMF, check out their website and we hope to see you there!

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