Meeting Mr Marley (Yung L); Talking debut album B.L.T.N, his move to Chocolate City and more

Meeting Mr Marley (Yung L); Talking debut album B.L.T.N, his move to Chocolate City and more

Following the release of B.L.T.N, we felt it only right to catch up ever so lightly with the ever so stylish and talented Yung L (Christopher Omenye).

Here’s a quick chat between the Pass Me The Aux crooner and Titilope Adesanya.

Getting to know Mr Marley, his style, his quirks, his hopes and passion…

T.A – ‘Yung L’, How did we settle on that stage name?

YL – From high school. It was Don Eltin then Eltin then Yung. And finally Yung L.

TA – Your fashion sense is very new school, urban, and maybe even razz to an extent some might say but you wear it with an air that is compelling. Asides repping other brands, do you see a Mr Marley line somewhere in the near future?

YL – Yes of course. With time I will go into fashion but for now I’m just killing them crazyyyy with the style.

TA – What’s the one thing / ritual you absolutely need before any show or studio session?

YL – One ritual I need is too be alone before I record or perform. Even if it’s for 5minutes

TA – What does ZIMM mean?

YL – Zim means Zim!!

On Better Late Than Never, the journey, the revelation and the patience…


TA – In the short documentary just released, you touched briefly on you been depressed and your decision to quit after the release of this album is released. We gather you have changed your mind, was there a main cause of frustration in particular and what helped you change this decision?

If you did quit, what was your plan B?

YL – If I did quit I would have gone into full time farming because I do that part time now or properly practice the accounting I studied

TA – ‘Better Late Than Never’…pretty straight forward message. What was the hardest part of putting this together?

YL – The hardest part was trying to write a song for my late friend Chuka. Which I never had enough lyrics to finish it.

TA – You must have created many memories while working on the album. What’s your most cherished?

YL – My most cherished moment would have to be gathering the voice notes. They made me laugh

TA – Was there any act you really wanted on the album but you couldn’t pin down? Who and why?

YL – I wanted to get Damian Marley but our busy schedules didn’t allow us to link up

TA – Could you walk us through a timeline of sorts from the beginning of this project till it’s release? How long has it been, from the idea stage to the actualization

YL – The say an artist first album always starts from the moment he decides to get

into music. So mine has been from day one till this day

Joining the Chocolate Family…

TA – How’s life at Chocolate City Music so Far?

YL – It’s been amazing. Grateful for the family

TA – Creative director at CBN, what exactly does your responsibility entail?

YL – It entails all the creative direction in the label

TA – What do you miss about being independent?

YL – I miss being able to do whatever whenever however. LoL

Right now, the world has a 16 tracked flow of art from Mr Marley. Better Late Than Never is his debut body of work and features Ghana’s R2bees & Sarkodie and POE amongst others.

With production contributions from TUC, Chopstick and a few others;  the project is a blend of reggae, dancehall, afrobeats and traditional eastern Nigerian vibes.

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