Music Exchange 2015

Music Exchange 2015

The  5th annual Music Exchange conference is taking place from the 25-26th September 2015. The conference operates with the aim of assisting in the growth of local talent and showcasing the different facets that the music industry has to offer. The programme will have formal workshops, presentations and panel discussions that will allow for an exchange of ideas and flow of industry-related tips.

Speakers will include music industry guru RJ Benjamin,the legendary Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse, Africori Ceo and Founder Yoel Kenan as well as our Business Development Manager Neil Naidoo.

This Year’s conference promises to give attendees the opportunity to:

1. Discover

This year’s conference promises to open up a new world of possibilities for all those who are involved in the music industry. All attendees will be exposed to new and revolutionary ways of operating in the music industry.

2. Collaborate

Music Exchange is basically a melting pot of industry creatives coming together to exchange, share, network and impart knowledge to newcomers. It creates the ideal platform for the collaboration of musicians, producers and music executives.

3. Evolve

This is the perfect platform for industry newcomers to evolve and learn from creatives who have been in the industry for many years. It is also the best place for newcomers to identify the type of style that they wold like to adopt and how they would like to grow their style.

To find out more about MEX15 and to purchase tickets, head over to their website.


Neil Naidoo and founder of MEX, Martin Myers talking about some of the topics that will be covered at MEX 2015.

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