A new hip-hop conversation from West Africa to the world with M.I Abaga, Blaqbonez, A-Q & Loose Kaynon

A new hip-hop conversation from West Africa to the world with M.I Abaga, Blaqbonez, A-Q & Loose Kaynon

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Throughout the month of August ’18, Nigeria’s foremost independent label; Chocolate City Music alongside new hip-hop & imprint label 100 Crowns took the conversation of hip-hop in Nigeria and West Africa at large to a whole new level.

Releasing 3 hip-hop albums back to back, all executively produced by M.I Abaga who playfully claims Kanye West stole his idea, they present LAMB. This is an acronym for all acts involved Loose Kaynon & A-Q (Crown), M.I Abaga (Yxng Dxnzl) & Blaqbonez (Bad Boy Blaq)

Heavy is the head that wears the crown…In this case, two heads wear the ‘Crown‘ and begin this trilogy of hip-hop reinvention from the West of Africa, starring A-Q & Loose Kaynon.

The two rappers who before Crown had never so much as collaborated on a single together, now release a full 10 tracked album that at the very least, got people to sit up and turn up the volume on the flow & punchlines.

They kick off the album going Out Of This World with the help of Debbie Romeo in a self-praising mellow build up, they move steadily through introspective bars in Regrets to a groovy hard-hitting fan favourite in Gang Gang, with soothing melodious support from Torna. The title track Crown features Show Dem Camp; without question, the waviest lyrical duo unmatched from Nigeria and in more ways than one clearly states why the album is called ‘Crown‘!

With no more time to waste, the gents go in on what seems like a track made on a night filled with crazy memories on ‘No Time (Freestyle).

…A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl …

At your peak, take some time to study yourself.Years in the making, years in the waiting, passion and loyalty invested, we were finally given the pleasure of listening to Yxng Dxnzl (pronounced Young Denzel) the album.

Unlike anything ever released from the shores of African hip-hop, this keen, raw and in-depth body of work is the most honest collection of hip-hop truth you will hear today.

M.I Abaga tackles mental health and so many other interlinking issues plaguing the entertainment industry including depression & self-confidence in the aptly named; ‘A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl‘ the first of its kind from the continent.


…Bad Boy Blaq.

Accommodate this woke humble guy that low-key plays too much.The final chapter to close off the LAMB August trilogy comes from Blaqbonez with his debut album ‘Bad Boy Blaq’ under 100 Crowns. This project gives off the balance of groove & depth in bars and melodies and for this reason alone, gets all the love similar to that which a favourite last child with straight As would enjoy.

Like Crown and Yxng Dxnzl before it, Bad Boy Blaq is 10 tracks full and boasts of an easy delivery and flow, and hard-hitting punchlines with just enough comic relieve to keep things light.

While it’s a difficult decision, there are a few stand out favourites by general consensus; Mamiwota ft. Oxlade, Woke & the first single ‘Play’. The album also features Alpha & label mates A-Q & Loose Kaynon and Terry Apala.

Before the release of Bad Boy Blaq as his official debut album, this self-proclaimed ‘humble’ guy released a number of projects (singles & bodies of works) while still flying below the radar for most. However, with all the lights turned on him, now is his time. Blaqbonez has been working and is perfectly prepared to deliver!

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