New Releases: Sean Tizzle, DJ Obi, Ki00, Kwesi Jiggs

New Releases: Sean Tizzle, DJ Obi, Ki00, Kwesi Jiggs

Kwesi Jiggs – I’m Self Defined

I’m Self Defined is the latest eight track album from Kwesi Jiggs. The Ghanaian rapper is currently signed to the independent label Banksheild Unit Inc. The album has a broad range of styles with “Shadow” standing out from the bunch by its Afrobeat and Dancehall influence. Released on the 12th of May.


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DJ Obi – Murder Me ft. Sean Tizzle

DJ Obi drops his brand new track “Murder Me” which features the Nigerian all star Sean Tizzle. This playful bouncy number has all the ingredients to be a summer hit. It will be surprising not to hear “Murder Me” being pumped out of the sound systems over these up and coming sunny months. Released through Difference Ent on the 13th of May.

ST Murder Me

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Ki00 – #Nachukuatime

The Tanzanian songstress announces the release of her latest piece of work “#Nachukuatime” a five track mini album produced by C9 Records. Ki00 projects strong vocal capabilities throughout the album which was released through Panamusiq on the 13th of May.


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Sean Tizzle – Like To Party ft Black Jersey

Sean Tizzle has been a busy boy in the recent months, “Like To Party” dropped out of know where last Friday which got DJs and Radio presenters buzzing! Another solid release and performance from Nigerian artist as well as smooth production skills from Black Jersey. Released 3rd of May.

ST Party

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