Philly Lutaaya Signs

Philly Lutaaya Signs

We’re extremely proud to announce the signing of Ugandan legend, Philly Lutaaya. Born in Uganda on the 19th October 1951, this highly respected musician was the first prominent Ugandan to open up about contracting HIV/AIDS. Philly became popular in Uganda in the 1960s and developed a strong loyal fanbase.

In the 1970s Philly expanded his following by touring Congo, Kenya and Japan amongst other countries. It was not until Philly relocated and settled down in Stockholm, Sweden, that he recorded his ground breaking hit album, Born in Africa. The album remains close to Ugandans’ hearts and the musicians involved were regarded as some of the finest musicians in the country.

Before passing from aids, Lutaaya was heavily involved with local schools, churches and communities, within Uganda where he performed his songs and shared stories of his battle with HIV, whilst enlightening the listeners with hope, faith and a message of prevention.

His Christmas themed album was produced in 1986 was his most successful album. Songs like “Tumusinze“, “Gloria“, “Merry Christmas, Oh Happy New Year”, “Azzaalidwa” and “Zukuka” remain popular choices around the festive period and the album remains part of the Christmas tradition in Uganda.

We are honoured to be able to bring the music of this legendary musician to the digital world, under his label Afripeans, and we hope to help his legacy and message live on.

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