Take in AFRICA! Chad Saaiman ft YoungstaCPT, Tendaness, Elzo Jamdong, 2PM DJs & more

Take in AFRICA! Chad Saaiman ft YoungstaCPT, Tendaness, Elzo Jamdong, 2PM DJs & more

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Let your hair down, kick off the shoes, turn up the volume and get ready to ‘Play‘.

Both representing Cape Town, Chad Saaiman and YoungstaCPT on a beat by ‘He Produced It’ will have you whistling as you sip on your happy juice.

It’s the perfect R&B groove from Chad with the lyrical flow from Youngsta that fits into the drive home, the Saturday spring cleaning type of morning, the beach like vibes and the list goes on…


There cannot be a single bone in your beautiful body unmoved by these beats!

Representing the kings and queens of eSwatini (former Swaziland), Tendaness on the beat teams up with Bholojo & LO on the vocals for ‘JIKA‘.

The accompanying visuals are simple in their beauty, celebrating the melanin while getting down!

Here for the bassline!

South African female DJ/producer duo 2PM DJs’ release their first official single ‘Under Water’ featuring The Big Hash. 

The easy flow, blend of the production and delivery make for a very quick winner of the repeat button.

So here’s introducing you to your newest favourite song.

Ever lost that special someone without a fighting chance?

Most of us can probably feel Jaywon‘s pain in ‘Saro’. Shot in the Czech Republic by director Maya, it tells the vaguely familiar story of losing your lady to another with a lot more coins than you.

When all is said and done, you are left with the memories and souvenirs…

The Senegalese are coming for everything and we are not just talking about football.

Currently based in France, Elzo Jamdong is all set for the release of his mixtape ‘MACINA‘ which is directly linked to his grandfather – as you can probably tell from the swag in the picture above- and out on pre-order today!

We caught up with the gentleman earlier in the week. Read up on our blog here!

Change is the only constant right?

So Josh Wantie isn’t shooting too far in the dark hoping one more night would make the difference and that when the morning comes, there shall be love again, or at the very least, a spark.

Beautifully shot by Steve Thistle and directed by Tyler Walker, this very feel-good track by the South African pop singer is certainly on the recommended videos to watch, replay and share this weekend.

The ones that got away…

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