News: The Best Of MODENINE

News: The Best Of MODENINE


Modenine also known as Nigel Benn, Samurai IX, Polimaf and is regarded a veteran and connoisseur when it comes to Nigerian hip hop. Many believe he is one of the key figures who helped shaped the hip hop movement across Africa. Babatunde Olusegun Adewale was born during the punk rock era of the 70’s in the big smoke (London) on June 14th. 1975 to be precise. Modenine may not of realised at the present time, but living in the capital of the UK gave him access to a wide range of cultures, diversity and the option to surround himself with like minded people. Being based in the creative hub of England and brushing shoulders with the right people enabled Modenine to collaborate and excel in his passion for music.

In 2004 his debut album Malcolm IX was released which landed his name bang in the middle of the Hip Hop scene. 2006 saw Modenine’s most successful year with ‘Pentium IX’ dropping into hands of the right people which followed on to ‘the smash and grab’ of three (Headies) world hip hop awards as well as three Channel O Music Awards. With that being said and the trophy cabinet full to the brim, it wasn’t until later that year that saw the release of killer album “E’ Pluribus Unum”  meaning ‘One Amongst Many’ which exploded across the pond and saw airplay in New York from Hot 97 and was heavily bigged up from a range of DJ’s, Radio hosts and in particular DJ Cocoa Channel. By reading this it may seem like Modenine carved his path to fame and fortune with out any hiccups along the way, but its not the case in this situation. Modenine regularly refers to his struggles with Labels, Management and the music industry on a whole, just listen to ‘I Was There’ to get an insight into his history. 

To celebrate Modenine’s prestigious catalog of music we’ve banged together a ‘Best Of’ playlist that you can stream on Deezer and Spotify amongst other stores. Check the links below.


Best Of Playlist: Spotify / Deezer

To this day he runs his own independent label, Redeye Muzik that sees the releases of all of his albums, mix tapes and singles. Modenine is familiar name for all hip hop lovers across the globe, it may not be solely down to his numerous awards but the size and calibre of the artists he has collaborated and shared stages with. For instance Wyclef Jean, Akon, Kanye West, LL Cool J, T-Pain, Junior Reid, Talib Kweli and Nas add credit to his name.

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