Vanessa Mdee releases smash hit “Never Ever”

Vanessa Mdee releases smash hit “Never Ever”

Fresh from her Best Female East Africa win at the AFRIMMA‘s this past weekend, Tanzania’s very own “prized gem”, Vanessa Mdee has released her latest smash hit. Never Ever was released this passed Monday and was almost immediately accompanied by the release of the amazing and wonderfully shot music video.

Produced by Nahreel of Navy Kenzo fame, the song is testament to the fact that whenever Nahreel and VeeMoney get together, they create pure magic. The song is an enchanting new age love song with sweet melodies and a light and playful feel to it. With a video directed by Justin Campos and shot at a beautiful mansion, Vanessa shows off some of her dance moves and even features a sexy dance scene with gorgeous male model, Daniel Joao.

The music video hit the 50 000 view mark within two days, proving that Miss Mdee has made a big name for her self and has come along way since she first won the MTV VJ competition.

Listen on: iTunes // Deezer // Spinlet

Check out the sultry music video!


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