Zilla Oaks, Jux, Focalistic & more

Zilla Oaks, Jux, Focalistic & more

Featuring; Dibi, NLite, KwakuBs and more.

RFKonceptCrunchySweater and DaevMartian built a two-year friendship based on a mutual admiration for each other. The new-age producers come together as one in the form of NLite

The trio’s magic is unravelled through their collaborations with SioMr.Kudakwashe and ASAP Shembe on their debut self-titled album.
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Robin Thirdfloor – “Zazi: A Story of Self-Awareness”

Robin Thirdfloor provides another project of his collection of stories.  His reflective approach on his latest EP, ‘Zazi: A Story of Self-Awareness‘ typifies his growth both as a person and as a musician. 
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Zilla Oaks – “Follow Me Reason” (ft. Eeskay & PsychoYP)
Zilla Oaks seduces us on his newest offering,  ‘Follow Me Reason‘.  Sonically, the track is reminiscent of a bayside afternoon summer cruise. Eeskay & PsychoYP add to the joint’s ultra-chilled vibe. 
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Focalistic- “Ke Star”
 If ever there were a street anthem released in 2020 that will always get the people jumping it is Focalistic‘s ‘Ke Star‘.  Produced under the dark period of the lockdown, the video is symbolic of better days to comes as Focalistic presents the pure joy that comes over listeners when ‘Ke Star’ is played. 

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Luka & Sio – “Beyond Heaven & Earth”
 After months of hype, Luka and Sio finally present their collaborative album ‘Beyond Heaven & Earth’. The process of this body of work dates back to as far as 2016  when the pair was originally just working on a song.  What developed from there is a mystic sound that will lure you in from the first play.
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Jux- “Sio Mbaya”
Jux tries to move on a break-up in his new visuals, ‘Sio Mbaya‘. The video reads like a juicy soap opera where broken hearts are always on the line. 

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Ashleigh Ogle – “Position”
Ashleigh Ogle‘s debut single ‘Position‘ is a self-described orgasmic ride. Ogle pairs a heavy bassline with soothing vocals, thrusting them into your eardrums. 

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Dibi – “Water to Wine”
Dibi is on a roll. Now on his fourth release of the year, the Eastern Cape-born rapper performs miracles on ‘Water to Wine’.
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TBO – “Another Sad Song” 

Two months ago, TBO, provided a preview of ‘Another Sad Song‘ via his Instagram Live to much of the excitement of his fans. On the track, TBO opens up about a past toxic relationship which he found difficult to break away from.
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KwakuBs – “Live Free”
 ‘Live Free‘ is KwakuBs‘ proclamation of independence. With selective guest features, the Ghanaian star highlights his creative mastery. The mini-album is an embodiment of living life on your own terms, encapsulated on the promo track ‘Ya‘ featuring Joey B.

‘Live  Free’ officially drops on the 2nd of October 2020.
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